Live vocalist Rogue Galaxy is a seasoned real life

musician/vocalist and must hear performer! Rogue

has been pleasing audiences with her smoky, bluesy

vocals for well over two decades in RL and has brought

her talent onto the grids! The timbre and tone of her

voice is unique to the blues, but she also performs Rock,

Jazz, Rockabilly, Pop and more! She makes you feel every

word she sings! Her distinct voice and musical style will

charm the hearts of all.

Rogue is a long time SL resident (14 years), who is finally

fulfilling her original purpose for being in the virtual worlds:

Live Performing. This soulful songstress performs music for

all tastes and occasions, spiced with humor and a warm

personal touch.  

Rogue was born and raised in Newfoundland Canada,

now residing in upstate New York, in the foothills of the

Adirondack Mountains! Rogue was honored this past

year to be nominated for the RL Sammy People's Choice

Award 2020 out of Syracuse NY.  

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Length of Show - 1 Hour

Drop a note card directly to Rogue in OpenSim (Aviworlds or OSGrid) or SL with Venue Name, Date/Time of Interest, URL/HOP or Landmark of Venue, and Contact Person.


Or Email: